Pyg - pyg! original first album

Living space: Approx 3000 sq ft
Bedrooms: 5
Baths: 5
Kitchen: All top of the line Stainless appliances /Granite
Furnished: Completely furnished with high quality furnishings
Covered Front Porch: on second floor-- great views
Utility Room: Washer/Dryer
Ice Machine: Yes
Generator: 1 - Cummins 60 KW
Fuel: 1700 gallons diesel
Water: 10,000 gallons
Central Air/Heat: 3 units
Washer/Dryer: yes
Spud Wells: spud wells in place (no spuds)
Utilities: on shore power and city water at current location
Dehumidifiers in Barge with sump pumps
Sewer Treatment System
Must see this Unit to appreciate the quality construction, decorating and furnishing!!!!

Item # 3
Pushboat(twin engines) completely rebuilt and in top condition
Size: 46' x 12' steel hull
Power: (2)-671N Detroit
Electronics Controls wired to houseboat whereas you can steer and control pushboat engines from front upper
deck of houseboat.
Generator: Isuzu 23 KW

That's not ideal. Pyg's got a message to send, sure, and a mission that drives him, but it's way different from Pyg's usual . It's not as gruesome or fun. Now, Michael Cerveris (Fringe, The Tick) gives an entertaining performance here. He had the affected theatrical - almost Shakespearean - voice (akin to Dwight Shultz in Arkham Knight) and the opera music. We didn't get to see his full face this week, or dive into his backstory (which now has something to do with cops on the take), but most of Pyg's hallmarks were there. Again though, except for his primary focus from the comics.

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Pyg - Pyg! Original First AlbumPyg - Pyg! Original First AlbumPyg - Pyg! Original First AlbumPyg - Pyg! Original First Album