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Pseudo-panspermia (sometimes called "soft panspermia" or "molecular panspermia" ) argues that the pre-biotic organic building blocks of life originated in space and were incorporated in the solar nebula from which the planets condensed and were further—and continuously—distributed to planetary surfaces where life then emerged ( abiogenesis ). [10] [11] From the early 1970s it was becoming evident that interstellar dust consisted of a large component of organic molecules. Interstellar molecules are formed by chemical reactions within very sparse interstellar or circumstellar clouds of dust and gas. [12] The dust plays a critical role of shielding the molecules from the ionizing effect of ultraviolet radiation emitted by stars. [13]

New Substructure Filters for Removal of Pan Assay Interference Compounds ( PAINS ) from Screening Libraries and for Their Exclusion in Bioassays

Ralf Noetzel - HirnstammgartenRalf Noetzel - HirnstammgartenRalf Noetzel - HirnstammgartenRalf Noetzel - Hirnstammgarten